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115 Histology (2 units) Winter The primary goal of the course is to introduce you to the structural features of cells, tissues and organs so that you can more readily understand the functional aspects of human biology, a subject that will be further pursued in your courses in physiology later in the curriculum.

116 Gross Anatomy (2 units) Winter The first year course in Gross Anatomy provides the student with an opportunity to acquire a first-hand knowledge of anatomy. The general goals for this course are first to give the stuents a solid foundation of anatomical knowledge, which will serve them in clinical education and practice and will encourage future, independent study of anatomy; and second to prepare the student for the physical examination of the patients.

150.01 Gross & Regional Anatomy (3-6 units) Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Individual/group dissection. Advance review of gross anatomy. Intended as a block electirve course for advanced medical or graduate students.

170.01 Medical Scholars Program Workshop (1 unit) Fall, Spring Workshops in anatomy and neuroanatomy, offered concurrent to the first-year course, will present challenging material in the form of problem sets which students will solve in groups. Material, geared toward high-achieving students, will augment basic coursework with clinical and basic science information.

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101 Prologue: Topics in Anatomy, Cell Biology, Pharmacology & Radiology (9 units) Fall This required course will provide students with the fundamental principals they need to prepare for subsequent blocks. Gross anatomy will serve as the anchor, and students will develop basic knowledge and analytical skills in the basic sciences. In the clinical disciplines, and in the social behavioral sciences.

104 Brain, Mind & behavior: Topics in Neuroscience (12 units) Spring This required course will provide an overall survey of general principles in neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, neuropatholog, and neuropharmacology, as well as an in-depth study of the most common neurological and psychiatric disorders. Issues in ethics, genetics, culture and behavior will also be prominent in this block.

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