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pancreatic cancer cells have abundant autophagosomes
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immunohistochemistry of patient pancreatic ductal adenocarinoma for the transcription factor TFE3 organoids : pancreatic tumor organoids grown in culture
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Injury-activated microglia (red) in close proximity to inhibitory synapses (green) in the dorsal spinal cord
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Activated microglia (green with red nuclei) surrounding an injured motoneuron (blue) in the mouse spinal cord

Zena Werb receives UCSF 2015 Mentoring Award

Zena Werb Receives the 2015 Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award

The Anatomy Department at UCSF has a new website!Our most heartfelt congratulations go to Zena Werb, on her selection as the recipient of the UCSF 2015 Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award.

As Mitchell Feldman, Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Mentoring, writes, “On behalf of the Selection Committee I am writing to congratulate you on your selection as a recipient of the 2015 Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award. Your selection is a high honor in recognition of the significant impact you have made on the professional careers and personal development of your mentees. You have enriched us all with your contributions to mentoring at UCSF.”

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