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pancreatic cancer cells have abundant autophagosomes
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immunohistochemistry of patient pancreatic ductal adenocarinoma for the transcription factor TFE3 organoids : pancreatic tumor organoids grown in culture
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Injury-activated microglia (red) in close proximity to inhibitory synapses (green) in the dorsal spinal cord
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Activated microglia (green with red nuclei) surrounding an injured motoneuron (blue) in the mouse spinal cord

Keith Mostov elected as an 2017 ASCB Inaugural Fellow

Congratulations to our own Keith Mostov for becoming a 2017 ACSB Inaugural Fellow. Election as a Fellow of ASCB is an honor bestowed upon ASCB members by their peers. It is life-time recognition of your meritorious efforts to advance cell biology and/or its applications, your work in service to the Society and your ongoing loyalty to ASCB.

For more info on ASCB Fellows click here ascb fellows site

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