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pancreatic cancer cells have abundant autophagosomes
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immunohistochemistry of patient pancreatic ductal adenocarinoma for the transcription factor TFE3 organoids : pancreatic tumor organoids grown in culture
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Injury-activated microglia (red) in close proximity to inhibitory synapses (green) in the dorsal spinal cord
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Activated microglia (green with red nuclei) surrounding an injured motoneuron (blue) in the mouse spinal cord

Cancer-Killing Combination Therapies Unveiled with New Drug-Screening Tool

UCSF News Center…

“Many cancers either fail to respond to a single targeted therapy or acquire resistance after initially responding. The notion that combining targeted therapies is a far more effective way to treat cancer than a single-drug approach has long existed. We wanted to perform screens with saturating coverage to understand exactly what combinations should be explored,”

-Jeroen Roose PhD, professor of anatomy and senior author of the new study.

Jeroen Roose along with Co-Author Michael T. McManus, PhD, professor at the UCSF Diabetes Center published this in a study in the jorunal Cell Reports

Read the UCSF Press Release here

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