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pancreatic cancer cells have abundant autophagosomes
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immunohistochemistry of patient pancreatic ductal adenocarinoma for the transcription factor TFE3 organoids : pancreatic tumor organoids grown in culture
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Injury-activated microglia (red) in close proximity to inhibitory synapses (green) in the dorsal spinal cord
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Activated microglia (green with red nuclei) surrounding an injured motoneuron (blue) in the mouse spinal cord

Anatomy Department welcomes Qili Liu, PhD as new Faculty Member

Qili Liu PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Anatomy, she will be affiliated with the Neuroscience Graduate Program. She received her doctoral degree in Genetics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She then entered Dr. Mark Wu’s laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, where she was trained in Neuroscience and studied the circuit basis of motivated behaviors, including sleep and feeding. She joined the UCSF faculty in 2019 and will focus on nutrient specific appetites in her own lab. Visit for more information about her current research.

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