2017 The Department of Anatomy’s own Rushika Perera has been awarded as one of nine recipients of the Damon Runyan-Rachleff Innovator Award.

The Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award funds cancer research by exceptionally creative thinkers with “high-risk/high-reward” ideas who lack sufficient preliminary data to obtain traditional funding. The awardees are selected through a highly competitive and rigorous process by a scientific committee comprised of leading cancer researchers who are innovators themselves. Only those scientists with a clear vision and passion for curing cancer are selected to receive the prestigious award.

Congratulations Rushika.

Nripendra Dhillon, MBBS, MS Lecturer

2016 Essential Core Teaching Award for Commitment to Teaching

Derek Harmon, PhD Assistant Adjunct Professor

2016 Excellence in Teaching Award from the Academy of Medical Educators

Zena Werb, PhD Professor and Vice Chair lab website

2016 Inaugural Fellow of the American Society for Cell Biology

Rushika Perera, PhD Assistant Professor lab website

2016 Recipient of an NIH New Innovator Award as well as a special grant from the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Evan Feinberg, PhD Assistant Professor lab website

2016 Recipient of grants from the Ziegler Foundation for the Blind as well a Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Award in the Neurosciences and received a NARSAD Young Investigator Award

Allan Basbaum, PhD Professor and Chair lab website

2016 Honorary Member of the International Association for the Study of Pain.

Christopher Allen, PhD,

Was named a Pew scholar in the biomedical sciences. He will receive four years of flexible funding to pursue foundational, innovative research.

“For more than 30 years, The Pew Charitable Trusts has proudly supported outstanding biomedical researchers at the start of their careers, encouraging the kind of creativity that leads to remarkable discoveries,” said Rebecca W. Rimel, president and CEO of The Pew Charitable Trusts. “The members of this exemplary group join a community of scientists that they will learn with, and learn from, for the rest of their lives.”

Kimberly Topp

2015 Honorary Fellow of the Anatomical Society (Great Britain and Ireland)

2015 President of the American Association of Anatomists

Jeroen Roose

2013 9th annual Mentoring award by the UCSF PSA (Postdoctoral Scholar’s Association)

2014 R01 Award (NIH; NIAID)

Amber Fitzsimmons

2013-14 Essential Core Teaching Award for Commitment to Teaching.