Administrative Contacts


Name & Title Room Box Email
Andy Dang
Assistant to Drs. Bose, Roose, Perera, and Nystul
HSW 1320 0452 [email protected]
Annie Chan
Research Admin 2
S 1334 0452 [email protected]
Josie Gonzales
Grant Administrator
S 1334 0452 [email protected]
Khang Nguyen
System Administrator Supervisor
RMB 900F 0665 [email protected]
Linda Toschi-Chambers
Assistant to Drs. Basbaum, Larabell, Allen, Feinberg, Liu, Kirst, and Mostov
MBRH 348A 0511 [email protected]
Marisa Jin
Assistant to Drs. McDonald, Villeda, and the Aging Institute
S 1349D 0452 [email protected]
Peter Werba
Systems Administrator
MBGH S222S 2140 [email protected]
Stephanie Louie
Chief Administrative Officer
S 1334 0452 [email protected]




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